Why we need cycling Jersey set?
05.19.2021 | Joliamn | News

The importance of cycling Jersey set will be explained from the following aspects.

Cycling clothing design

Compared with daily clothes, riding suit has a longer hem. When cycling, the posture of the body is always in a downward state, plus the swing of the legs, it is easy to shrink the clothes, the back will be exposed, and the long hem of the jersey is to prevent the back from being exposed during exercising. Cycling clothing has a unique tailoring. Since cycling is an outdoor activity, please cut the clothes into three sizes to make the wind resistance relatively high. Cycling jersey pants and top are tight-fitting design to reduce wind resistance. And it can also prevent your pants from screwing into the tires while riding.


Cycling suit materials:

Cycling clothing is usually made of more air-permeable materials, usually man-made fibers or natural fibers.
The sweat produced during riding can be quickly discharged from the body. This is impossible to achieve with pure cotton clothes.


Cycling cushion:

Generally, there are cushions in the pants of cycling clothes. Two cushions of sponge and silicone are used, so that we can ride more comfortably during long-distance riding.

close-up photography of cycles during daytime


Back pocket:

The back design of the cycling jersey is very unique. Riders need a lot of supplies, but you can’t open the backpack each time when you ride. The pockets will be difficult to unfold! And the pockets on the pants are also very tight. At this time, the pocket of the cycling jersey shows the most important role. Placing mobile phones, snacks, keys and wallets,it will not affect the convenience of riding and using.

Cycling clothes are not only for the comfort of riding, but also greatly save their physical strength and energy, so that we have a better riding experience.

man and woman riding road bikes at the road near shore